Self-Paced Ihsan Educator Training Online (Level 1 and 2)

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The Ihsan Educator Training Program is a world wide accessible and convenient online training for educators and parents who are looking for training based on the type of content offered in a post-secondary/college level program in education. The program is suitable in particular for Islamic, International and Private Schools as well as homeschooling parents and networks.

This unique and engaging training:

*Enables teachers to gain more confidence and skills in applying important, research-based, engaging teaching techniques which boost academic achievement and creativity as well as the love for learning in students.

*Revives the importance of morals and positive values through the curriculum and encourages compassion and service to the greater community by staff and students, which also improves student behaviour and engagement in class

*Receives positive feedback from parents who saw a difference in their children's level of engagement and enjoyment for School and Learning.​

Level 1 of this training includes:​

MODULE 1: Goals of Education ­ - Reinforcing a Moral Based Framework

​This module will focus on building a school culture which adopts a moral

based framework to focus on character education or teaching “Ihsan” (Excellence). The training module will discuss goals and curriculum objectives of education, citing work from traditional Muslim scholars and contemporary academics in the field. It will delve further into how specific moral values including compassion, respect and generosity can be incorporated in the classroom ​and in the school by discussing practical strategies for character education.

MODULE 2: Teaching for a Global Context in the 21st Century

This training module will discuss how we can teach for a global context in the 21st century that takes into account a diversity of religions, beliefs, and cultures. It will discuss how we can ensure students are well rooted in the correct understanding of their faith which encourages them to navigate the challenges of and thrive in a diverse society through understanding the importance of global citizenship and social­-emotional learning by teaching students skills such as compassionate communication, dialogue, and conflict resolution so they can work with people of all backgrounds for the betterment of all humanity.

MODULE 3: Increasing Student Engagement through Using Cooperative Learning Strategies

Cooperative learning is an organized and structured way to use small groups to enhance student learning and interdependence. This training module will enable you to plan and implement cooperative learning activities which provide a more enjoyable learning environment and increased student engagement, motivation, retention of information, and the use of discussion and critical thinking and team-­work skills by students which are essential skills for future success. One cooperative learning strategy discussed in length is the learning centers strategy which research has shown to be very effective in increasing student learning and engagement.​


MODULE 1: ​​ Creating Inclusive Learning Environments leading to Effective Classroom Management

In this training module, we will discuss the importance of creating safe, inclusive and equitable classrooms which will enable a teacher to exercise effective classroom management skills. You will learn how to plan for differentiated instruction by using instructional strategies which cater to multiple intelligence, and enabling students to relate to the curriculum through drawing on their backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge to create a culturally responsive learning environment.

MODULE 2: Planning Inquiry-­based Teaching to Inspire Excellence

​This training module will give you an introduction to inquiry based teaching and learning which is an approach that empowers students

to be involved in their learning by encouraging them to use inquiry

and critical thinking skills to develop new understandings and ultimately take positive action. In turn students become lifelong learners who are more creative, positive and independent. This is the model of learning used in many private schools and is now being introduced into the public school system in Canada.

​MODULE 3: Authentic Assessment

This training module will discuss ‘authentic’ assessment which is a way of evaluating knowledge and accomplishments that is ‘worthwhile, significant, and meaningful’ instead of multiple choice standardized tests. You will be be able to plan for both formative (assessment throughout learning) and summative (assessment at the end of learning) by becoming familiar with a variety of assessment tools and techniques.

Once you complete registration, you will be granted access to a members page with video trainings, written summaries and recommended resources. You will also have the link to join the private facebook group for parents to ask questions and share resources. 

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Self-Paced Ihsan Educator Training Online (Level 1 and 2)

0 ratings